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This Is Deggy

"Mental Flip" Spray Painted Skateboard Set

"Mental Flip" Spray Painted Skateboard Set

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When I was working on this piece I used my mindset for inspiration. It was a really strange time I just settled into my new studio so I felt like king of the world but I was just meandering as I didn't know what to do next, I was beating myself up as I didn't have the next thing planned & it was really getting in my head. 

This piece represents a mental flip. The board on the left represents how you think you can be king of the world, flying on cloud nine with no worries & then very shortly for no reason the board on the right represents the negativity & doubt that casts a huge daunting shadow over you & you find it hard to believe people love you when you can't love yourself. this is why the board on the right hand side is painted in negative colours with the spikey barbed wire separates the nice loving thoughts & keeping the stars in the face from shining through. 

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