My Creative Vision & Process

Deggy Donnelly Brothers Picture

When I start a new project, I feel every painting needs to develop its own unique character and personality. I tend to have a vague idea to begin with and then go with a vision that develops as I work on the piece itself. 


Since my early teens I have always been messing around with skateboards and spray paints in some way but over the last few years my music career took up most of my time. As a musician going out on tour was a key focus of my life and with not being able to do this in 2020, I decided to use this spare time productively to refocus on my art. I started producing more and more work which helped develop my style getting results I’m really proud of. It also lead to more commissions and some fantastic feedback which spurred me on even more!


The Process



I’m a strong believer that if you want something in life nothing is stopping you apart from yourself. Putting the effort and dedication into a project and seeing the results happen is the most rewarding thing in the world. It’s tough but if you can believe in yourself to smash the doors down anything is possible.

Music and Painting are very similar to me, everyone has an end goal but the Journey and creative process are the most important part. Watching a painting or a song take form and come into it’s own is priceless. 



Deggy Presenting Anthony & Christopher Donnelly
(Founders & Owners of Gio Goi) with their Portrait Painting
(Deggy, Christopher Donnelly & Mark Wright)
Picture courtesy of Anthony Donnelly