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Lemmy Kilmister 2021 Giclèe Print

Lemmy Kilmister 2021 Giclèe Print

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Motorhead are the band that changed my life & totally changed my outlook on everything.
I remember being 14 years old & stumbling across the "Overkill" album & my jaw hit the floor.
The sound was nothing like I have ever heard before, The raw energy & attitude of Lemmy, Philthy & Fast Eddie mesmerized me

Lemmy Kilmister is my absolute hero. If I could sit & have 1 drink with anyone who has ever been on this earth it would be that man.

I held off doing this portrait for a long while as I didn't feel my work was up to scratch. A few weeks ago I put paint to canvas & made it happen, Looking back at it all I have no idea why I was worried as I am super proud of the results! 

Thank you for being you
Rest Easy Lemmy!


This is a high quality reproduction of the original piece of art
Printed on Luster Paper Signed & Stamped by myself.

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