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Johnny Rotten A2 LTD Edition Print

Johnny Rotten A2 LTD Edition Print

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Johnny Rotten is a Punk Rock revolutionary who's attitude & view on the world really changed the game, He wasn't afraid to let people know that too!

The late 1970s in England was a time for change in popular music & culture & Punk Rock encouraged people to take action within social unrest becoming a social movement in itself, pushing for a further sense of activism. The Sex Pistols & The Clash lead the way on this side of the pond & the rest was history

After painting Sid Vicious I had the urge to paint Johnny as I knew I was fairly confident I could achieve something that I would be really proud of.

Going into this piece I knew I wanted to use as much colour as possible, It needed to be loud like Johnny's personality


This is a high quality LTD edition reproduction of the original piece of art 

Printed on thick Superset card Signed, Stamped & Embossed by myself.

Only 25 units in this run so grab one quick!

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