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This Is Deggy

Jimi Hendrix Giclèe Print

Jimi Hendrix Giclèe Print

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If there's a guitarist you know who says they weren't influenced by Jimi Hendrix even the slightest bit, I can assure you they are lying.

Jimi would've turned 80 today and to commemorate his birthday I painted this vibrant piece to pay homage to him. I wanted to do something loud and colourful just like Jimi whilst keeping it looking like it could have come out the 1960s.

Hendrix was the first ever stencil I made over 10 years ago, every now and again it's nice to create a new piece of him for the portfolio to see how my work has changed since the last one. 

The Original Piece & Prints are Available on my website now! They would make a great gift for any Hendrix fan

Big Love
Deggy 💜

This is a high quality print of the original painting 

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