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"By Any Means Necessary" Malcom X Gicleé Print.

"By Any Means Necessary" Malcom X Gicleé Print.

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Malcolm X's embrace of black separatism shaped the debate over how to achieve freedom and equality in a nation that had long denied a portion of the American citizenry the full protection of their rights. Malcolm's doings also laid the groundwork for the Black Power movement of the late sixties. Malcolm's motto of "By Any Means Necessary" urged his fellow black Americans to protect themselves against white aggression. 

Sharing a birthday with Malcolm X is something I have been aware of for years. when I was drafting the list together for who I would be painting for my "Class Of May 19th"Exhibition earlier this year I knew that I had to get this piece right. Malcolm is a controversial figure but that made this piece a bit more of a challenge to make sure I hit the nail on the head and therefore this is one of my favourite pieces of art I have ever created.

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